NaPoWriMo 26 Brief: answer an “Almanac Questionnaire.” Then, use the responses as a basis for a poem.

All non-essential work is cancelled
So there’s my excuse for having no lover
But Leeds houses dragons and I love dragons.

Victorian houses carved into flats
With a big dry patch on the lawn out the back
And a greenhouse for parcels at the front.

“Big up the Queen Mum. Being dead is mint.”
On Brudenell Road many years ago
Back when I found that wallet on the floor.

Today is Ben’s ripped red black stripey vest
That comes so low it looks like it’s a dress
But he was one of them – always looked good

No matter what he wore or didn’t wear.
The sky’s bright blue but there’s a chilly breeze
Tomorrow I will wear my gloves again.

I’m posting towels to Denmark – dragon towels
A king size bed size. Too big justify
But someone wants them, don’t they?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
But I live in England so I say rubbish.
And I see dragons wherever I don’t go.

“Hello dear friend, I’m sorry for my writing.
It is bumpy here on the megabus
And there’s no little table like there is on a train.”

Reading letters makes me melancholy
It’s not difficult. When I grow up
I want to own a museum. I’m grown up now

But no museum. Instead I see the same
Quality street chocolate in purple wrapper,
Lying on the ground, but I walk on.

The Yorkshire Evening Post announces
Nine positive stories that make you proud to be from Leeds.
What, like we panic-bought more than any other city?

Or that no-one meets any more
At the man with the barrel? Not like we did
Before we had mobile phones.

Or what about that time on my way home from school
When a man walked past me down a ginnel,
His penis in his hand and his eyes on me?

I’m scared of birds but not scared of the man.
If you read In The Night Kitchen – you’ll feel better.
At the edge of Leeds you hear horses and traffic

And inside Leeds is owls. Maybe dragons.
Nobody went to the moon. Nobody at all
Although if they did, they were probably from Leeds.

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