The nettles are out again

NaPoWriMo Brief 30: write a poem about something that returns.

Self-defence is commendable and righteous and I approve
When I find myself brushing up against you
Unintentionally, may I point out?
And you cause me sharp pain
I take it as a personal attack.

It does something to me
It plugs into my rage
And in that split second I go from fine
To furious

You wake up a part of me that was sleeping
Or was it just waiting, desperate to roar?
Perhaps I walked that way on purpose

The sweetness of the sharpness of the sting
The way it makes me SNAP at first
Before it dulls down to a tender throbbing
Perhaps I crave that aliveness

“I got stung by nettles earlier.”
My badge of honour
“It hurt, but I survived.”

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