A bit of Argey Bargey

My favourite place to start writing is outside.

From a distance, the swans look peaceful
Graceful, white and pure
But up close there’s a sense of danger
Of tension building in the air
As they glide in a sinister fashion
One leg crossed over at the back
A change of direction for no apparent reason
Unseen things going on below the water
I don’t trust them. Not at all.
One swan pecks at another
Just a little peck
The other swan moves to escape
But it follows, insistent
Pecking pecking pecking
Not taking the hint
Not hearing no
On and on and on
As the other swan moves away
Again and again and again
It is painful to witness
And a little too familiar
Until the other swan snaps round
To face its aggressor at last
It rises out of the water
Opening like a fan
YES swan! Yes!
The sound of flapping wings
Hissing, honking, bite back and threats
The showdown at last
Coinciding with a family passing behind me
Witnessing the same scene
The man sums it up in an instant
“A bit of argey bargey.” he says
“A bit of argey bargey.”
And I wonder, not for the first time in my life,
If I over-complicate absolutely everything.

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