The Neighbour

NaPoWriMo 20 – write a sijo. This is a traditional Korean poetic form. Like the haiku, it has three lines, but the lines are much longer. Typically, they are 14-16 syllables. For more on the sijo, check out the primer here.

The neighbour’s door opens; the scent of perfume wafts over the hedge
She sings softly to the night, a slow haunting melody
Then silence – I lean in – she spits on the earth and closes her door


10 thoughts on “The Neighbour

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  2. This is a brilliant example of a sijo, I can see why it was chosen to feature today. Congratulations. There is so much story masterfully layered in here and it lingered in my head long after the read. You should definitely write more of these. WOW.

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    1. Awww thank you Nina, I’m really touched by your comment. I didn’t overthink this one as it had been a long day, it was just a memory I have had from over 20 years ago and I thought it fitted perfectly with this form.


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