A bit of Argey Bargey

My favourite place to start writing is outside. From a distance, the swans look peacefulGraceful, white and pureBut up close there’s a sense of dangerOf tension building in the airAs they glide in a sinister fashionOne leg crossed over at the backA change of direction for no apparent reasonUnseen things going on below the waterIContinue reading “A bit of Argey Bargey”

The nettles are out again

NaPoWriMo Brief 30: write a poem about something that returns. Self-defence is commendable and righteous and I approveButWhen I find myself brushing up against youUnintentionally, may I point out?And you cause me sharp painI take it as a personal attack. It does something to meIt plugs into my rageAnd in that split second I goContinue reading “The nettles are out again”

April and everything preceding it

NaPoWriMo Brief 25: to write a poem after listening to James Schuyler’s “Hymn to Life”, following several suggestions which can be found here. “Why don’t you pick up your feet when you walk?”I sense his irritation rising. Apologetic I try to walk betterBut don’t understand what the words mean. Like when they say“Is a bellContinue reading “April and everything preceding it”

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